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Keokuk, Iowa

Max PS16

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Max PS16


Max PS16


Max PS16 Power Supply for Pedal Power

Outputs 9-volt DC Power Supply is specially designed to deliver a constant 9-volt DC to power your pedals for constant sound quality. It will supply up to 1200 milliamps of power of 9 volt DC with a 1% tolerance.

Physical Size: 1” x 1.5" x 10"

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The Max PS16 is short-circuit-protected which makes it impossible to damage by a bad pedal or any short circuit.  It is also thermal over-load-protected and will shut down if you over work it to protect itself from damage.  The transformer is a high-efficient-switching-mode unit that only produces power that is used with no heat loss; it also is a slim line that does not block unused outlets.  High-tolerance, fast-acting capacitors are used to filter any unwanted feed back noise. The Max PS16 is regulated and filtered less then one millionth of one volt of noise.

  • Enclosed in an aluminum casing

  • Hand built in the USA

  • AC adapter included

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Powers 16 Pedals

  • Insures great tone for your favorite pedals

  • LED indicator for quick visual verification of on/off status